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How to make your boss like you?| 6 Super effective strategy

There is a popular saying working in the corporate sector is a rat race, Well that’s true for the most part because no matter how far people come in this sector there is always a pressing need that such achievement is never enough, and considering the fact that how often people want to go up the ladder of hierarchy fast. But supposedly if your boss likes you or you have such characteristics and habits which are often applauded by employers, then working in a corporate sector would be much less stressful.

Many people remain oblivious of the fact that how one can come into the good book of their bosses, often resorting to sycophancy, which of course would hurt one reputation and can tarnish your image in front of your boss, if he is an honest and sincere man and among your office colleagues. We list you down 6 super effective strategies which would make your boss like you or would help you to impress your boss and make him appreciate you as a respectable and sincere employee of his firm.

6 Super Effective Strategy to Impress your Boss

In every organization, there is an organized hierarchy to run the business and the hierarchy above always expect something from lower strata so in understanding this expectation, which becomes very essential when you are starting your career or a new job, lies the key to making your boss like you, which will help you deliver great performance and organically grow in your career.

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Solution and not the problem

Your boss expects a solution from you and not the problem. You might point some generic problem to your boss but if you do not accompany it with one or two solutions then it sounds more like complaining because your boss expects you to solve the problem ideally and not come up to him with a bunch of problems and increase his stress. For example like just do not go and say only like budget got approved and still have not been released but also tell him that you have come up with a solution and wrote an email to the VP or HR of finance and requested them to look into that matter as soon as possible.

Going to the boss with a bunch of problems and not with solutions projects you as an incompetent employee which tarnishes your reputation. Highlighting some genuine problems is fine but also trying to come up with solutions.

Hardwork vs visible work

Hard work not, visible work matters. Work that brings in positive results is only awarded. If your hard work does not result in positive change, the firm has all the right to fire you. Many people especially those who are just starting their career have such an assumption that if they toil around in silence till late at night then their bosses would be impressed with them. But this is clearly not what happens and they often complain that they do not get selected for promotion when they think they have done their part.

make your boss like you

But their part only gets considered only when it brings results. Hard work with no results has no value in the corporate sector.

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Your boss is judgemental

It’s ok for your boss to be judgemental and he has all the right to be so. Just do not crib about it and bad mouth him behind his back because eventually, it would become a reason for your downfall. Remember that you have some responsibility for which you are accountable to your boss and just like you, he is also accountable to upper management. So with the given responsibility of your boss, it makes sense for him to be judgemental.

Team player

Your boss rewards teamwork. Your boss is responsible for your teamwork and its contribution to the entire organization so make sure that whatever work you do contributes to the teamwork. If your work does not resonate with the team’s goals then it would have a negative effect on the work of the other members, remember your and your’s teamwork should resonate in such a way that it produces coherent results. So your boss is interested in how your work is helping the entire team.

advantages of teamwork

Go to person

Become a go-to person for your boss. what I mean by that is enhancing niche kind of skills that you become an indispensable part of your team. For example, master building excels business model or market research so much so that whenever certain projects come which requires such work you become the go-to person for your team and or boss or set of bosses will definitely reward for that.

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Plan B

Though it may sound conduct from what I have written above always have plan B. What I mean by that is that its good that you are doing your job well and progressing in your career but always tell your boss that you have plan b up your sleeves and you have other options available and you are trying to enhance a certain skill set to that level that you become a go-to person.

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