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Top 5 best profitable YouTube niche

So you are thinking to start your YouTube channel, but don’t know what kind of genre or theme, you should have? This is one of the very important questions that revolve around the creators when they start thinking to open their YouTube channel.

Today Youtube is the most popular free video-sharing platform with immense reach throughout the world. There are almost 2 billion users of youtube across the globe making it one-third of the world population. This makes Youtube a very popular platform. The number of active internet users in the world is approximately 4.4 billion, which means more or less 45% of active internet users watch and share videos on Youtube and it makes Youtube the second biggest social network in the world.

Thus due to huge revenue and popularity, it attracts a huge amount of creators around the world. Each channel has its own theme, So it’s Very Important to understand which type of profitable niche you should choose.


Before jumping to the guns, let’s first understand the revenue model of YouTube. There are numerous ways you can generate income, thus considering these options you would have a more clear mind in choosing your channel niche.


One of the most common sources of income is to turn on account monetization, connect to AdSense account for payments, and then google will credit payment of each video’s monthly revenue to your account. Once you cross the $100 mark, Google will credit the payment to your bank account. Currently, the average CPM is between $6 and $8.


Youtube premium revenue is a secondary revenue in which the creator gets paid by Youtube when the members watch their videos.


Your subscribers can buy branded merchandise exhibited on watch pages and you can generate revenue through Merchandise Shelf.


This is another way of monetizing your channel in which your subscribers pay money in return for their messages getting highlighted in chat streams.

Top 5 best profitable YouTube Niche

Keeping into consideration the existing competition, if you want to make an online presence it’s still not too late to start. The strategy is the key here and posting random videos would not be of much help. Here Youtube Niche plays a crucial role in generating traffic and revenue.

Basically, the niche is to a youtube channel what genre is to a film. You got to know what are you going to sell before you open a shop. Just like cells are building blocks of life, the niche is the building block of your youtube career. Before creating your videos, first, figure out your target audience. For example, if you are a chef, then you should make recipe videos and if you are a doctor or a medical student you can make videos on health awareness and address the queries of your audience.

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If you have the required expertise on a certain subject, it would be best to start a youtube channel where you can capitalize your knowledge by teaching students online. No matter what the subject is, ranging from science to commerce to programming languages to foreign languages, there is always a market to capitalize on your skills and knowledge.

For example, a channel on mathematics where you can upload your courses and solve problems in live streams. All you need to do is to be thorough with what you teach.

eLearning Youtube


  • You can earn by selling courses and personalized coaching to the target audience.
  • You can earn by affiliate marketing if you recommend books etc
  • You can earn by super chats while solving doubts during live streams in addition to the revenue generated through the Youtube AdSense.
  • The initial cost is negligible in comparison to vlogs and unboxing videos.


  • It will take time to grow as there are multiple options available on Youtube, and it is not very easy to earn the loyalty of the students.


Ask yourself, are you an ardent gamer? Have you ever imagined that you can capitalize on your gaming skills? We are living in 2020 and today gaming is not just a wastage of time and energy but it can generate huge revenues through YouTube videos and live streams.

Have you ever wondered what could you do to turn your passion into a profession that too without compromising with the fun factor? This profitable YouTube Niche is the answer. Wait no more. Your to be fans are waiting for you.

most watch time gaming stream on youtube


  • You can generate revenue through super chats and super stickers during the live streams.
  • You can generate revenue through sponsorships, selling your merchandise, and YouTube AdSense.
  • You do not have to start something new, all you got to do is start making videos of the games you already play and a huge audience is waiting for you already.


  • It requires the latest devices to be at par with your competitors.


If you are a makeup enthusiast, then there can be nothing better than making makeup tutorial videos on Youtube, as its demand has increased enormously in recent times. Videos on different looks and beauty hacks will open room for a big audience and then you can also review the innumerable makeup and beauty products in your channel and generate more revenue.

If everything goes well, you can also start manufacturing and selling your own line of beauty products, which has become realistic and achievable after witnessing several examples online.

yuya youtube makeup channel fact


  • You can generate revenue through Sponsored Products Reviews. You can sell personal courses. You can generate revenue through Affiliate Marketing and Youtube AdSense as well.


  • It is a time taking process to find the audience because of the existing competition, but if you are passionate and can work consistently with patience, this niche will surely workout.


If you have an inclination towards the happenings of the world, then you are good to go with this niche. You can target a local audience with country-specific news or an international audience with news of international importance, just do not mix local and international news in one channel as it will affect the target audience which will hamper the traffic in your channel.

In this niche, you can analyze laws passed, the effectiveness of certain laws, implementation of laws in a country. The news comes with never-ending content, all you have to be is updated and motivated to report. Under this niche, your sub-niche could be Sports news, cinema news, political news, fashion news, etc.

youtube news channel


  • You can generate revenue through Youtube AdSense.
  • News is never-ending content. If you are consistently uploading videos you can make an audience for yourself without bothering much about the content for your next video.


  • You have to be very cautious of the videos you are putting out and it should be well researched as it is capable of creating havoc if it is false or not reported sensitively. It has legal consequences as well.


Before we set out to buy anything we tend to check the best options available to us online and this creates a huge demand for product reviews and a list of the best available options. If you are a beginner then you can start ranking products of different kinds in your videos.

You do not require anything other than thorough research of the products. For example, you can make a video on “Top 5 smartphones under X amount of money” or “Top 10 websites for learning French” etc. All you need to do is collect data to substantiate your ranking, collect some photos or videos, and learn basic video editing.

tech channel revenues


  • You can generate revenue by Sponsored videos, Youtube AdSense, and Affiliate Marketing.
  • You do not have to be an expert, all you need to be is a good researcher.
  • You can make these videos just with the help of a smartphone and basic knowledge of video editing.


  • The ranking videos will get outdated with the arrival of new products in the market, therefore you have to be very consistent and updated with your content otherwise new channels will easily take over you.

Final Words

To conclude, “The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing” by Seth Godin. If you do not start you are at zero and even if you fail you will get to zero. Therefore, there is no loss in starting a YouTube channel. It is not impossible to make it big on YouTube all you needed was a proper strategy to capitalize and we have provided it to you with the best of our knowledge. Quality and consistency with enthusiasm and hope is the key and you are good to go. Make realistic goals and be patient, you will achieve only if you do not make unrealistic goals which often disappoints. 

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