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What is Creative Selling?

All the top sales people in the world have this natural characteristic called creativity. How creative is one is determined by how he or she thinks about himself or herself when it comes to creativity. This represents that anyone can increase their level of creativity with practice until it becomes an automatic and easy response to any goal you set for yourself. The Application of creativity that you apply to sell is called Creative Selling.

Creativity is something that we demonstrate and apply all the time. When you are designing a sales presentation you are acting creatively. If you are trying to convince somebody of your product utility that it offers to them, you are acting creatively.

How to Generate Creative Ideas for Selling?

Creative Selling Originates From Self concept

The miserable part is that most people do not think that they are creative. Most people relate creativity only with literature or painting great works of art. If I put it precisely then creativity can be defined simply as “Improvement”. When you try to do anything differently to improve than you are using creativity something at a high level.

How you think about yourself affects your creative potential. Because of the central role of self-concept, the more you believe yourself to be creative, the more likely you will be able to generate creative ideas. In selling, you are creating business in the first place where the business did not exist.

By the process of prospecting, building rapport, identifying needs, presenting solutions, answering objections, closing the sale, and getting resales and referrals, you are engaging in extraordinary complex creative acts that are the wellsprings of our free enterprise society.

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Ways To Stimulate Creativity( Creative selling proposition)

Creativity revitalizes by three key factors –

  1. Clear Goals
  2. Pressing Problems
  3. Focused Questions

The intensity of your desire to achieve clear and specific goals will define how creative you can be in accomplishing them. The more determined you are in solving the pressing problems, the more resourceful you will be incoming with different solutions. The more focused and specific questions you ask yourself, the more innovative you will get in developing answers.

Practice Thinking Creatively

With regular exercise and practice, in selling there are several areas where you can increase your creativity. Your money-making ability depends on how creative you are in these areas. Prospecting is one of the fundamental areas where one needs to be creative which would ultimately determine one income. Your ability to make more and better prospects is limited by your imagination.

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The second area where creativity is of utmost importance is uncovering the buying motives. While questioning prospects, you must be very creative in questioning them so that you can identify their needs and what will cause this customer to buy.

The third area is the one that tests your brain power and intelligence. Your prospects have automatic buying resistance to any sales approach. They do not want to tell you why they might buy your product. They fear if you know about their need then you would be able to convince them very easily.

Discover New Product Uses

Your creativity is essential in discovering new uses and applications of products. You have to use your brainpower to discover new utility that your product can satisfy and create sales where no sales existed before.

Bringing together all the building blocks of a business transaction including you, your company, the
customer, the product or service, the price and terms, the delivery and installation, and everything else, is an extraordinarily complex act and requires creativity at a high level.

Your caliber to use your creativity to overcome buyer resistance and to answer buyer objections primarily determines your success in your selling career. Your propensity to close the sale and get the customer to take action is crucial in determining how much you sell and how much you earn.

Know What You Are Talking About

Creative selling begins with a thorough knowledge of your product and services. You have to study your product and service deeply and how it differentiates itself from that of competitors. The better you know and understand your product, the more creative you will become in selling it.

The more knowledge you have about your product and service that how and why it is superior to you competitor the more creative you will become in explaining to your prospect and in overcoming their buying resistance

Read, study and memorize your product information. Find out what your competitors are selling, what they emphasize, and how much they charge. Become an expert in your market.

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Creative Prospecting

Creative Selling Strategy

The fastest way to increase your income is straightforward. “Spend more time with your better prospect” one of the fundamental keys to success in selling. The six-word formula is the ingredient to high income in every market on the face of the earth.

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Creative prospecting is vital to your success. It begins with thorough planning, analysis and starts with three questions

  1. what are the ten most attractive features of you product?
  2. What specific needs of your of your prospective customer does you product satisfy?
  3. What does your company offers that other companies do not offer, its area of excellence?
What are the most attractive features of your product?

Are you aware of your product most attractive features? list them in order of significance and then go on to determine the following

  • Why should somebody buy your product at all?
  • Why should somebody buy product from your company only?
  • Why should someone buy product from you only?

You must be able to get answers of these questions clearly in your mind before you get to face to face with your customer.

What specific needs of your prospective customer does your product satisfy ?

What utility does it offers? What is in it for the customer to purchase your product rather than someone’s else product or no product at all.

Jot down the most attractive features of your product onto one side of the paper and what benefit does each feature offers to your prospective customer. Remember they are not here to buy features, they are here to buy benefits.

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They are not concerned with your product or service, they are concerned with the solutions that it offers to their problems. They do not get themselves busy with what does constitutes your product or service, they just want to know what comes out of it.

What does your company offers that other companies do not offer?

What is your unique selling proposition? what is your company’s or your product area of excellence? in what ways your company’s product and service superior to anything available in the market in that domain.

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The greater clarity you have with regard to these answers, the more creative you will be in finding better prospects and making more sales to those prospects. That’s how you will produce by yourself creative selling ideas.

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