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Why Do We Buy Things? (Psychology Behind Buying)

There could be many different reasons for why do we buy things or one can say who do people buy products or services. There could be a plethora of reasons but a point that is needed to be made that people buy because of their reasons, not for yours. Amateur salespeople have this tendency to cite their personal reasons to customers to induce a desire to buy but they fail to understand that nothings make the prospect buy product or services as much as the prospect’s own reasons.

The core reason to buy any product or service is aimed at an improvement. People think that they will be better off with the product and services and add some value to their standard of living. If people see that there would be some kind of improvement in their life or work only then they feel justified that they are trading money, time, and their energy for the product and services which would add some value in their life.


Human beings valued freedom more than anything in the world. We drive a sense of worth and a sense of freedom from having money. When we have money, we have a certain degree of freedom, choices, and options in our life. So when we buy things we part with some of the money that means we part with some flexibility and freedom. This desire for freedom is a major reason why people hesitate while making any purchase decision.

The more, The Better

When we make purchase decisions we want to make sure that the product or service pleases us as per our whims and desire. We want to be better off on all the level be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Economists have coined the word “util” to help with the quantitative measurement of satisfaction. This unit represents the amount of psychological satisfaction that any product or service generates. The people want to get as many as of these units of satisfaction in every purchase decision that they make. the more diverse, the way product and services please people, the more desire to buy arouses in people.

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We are human beings majority of the time controlled by our emotions. First, we make decisions on the basis of emotions and then we try to justify it by using pseudo logic. We tend to attach our feelings to some company, or product, or service.

In sales psychology, one of its most critical areas has to do with “psychic” or emotional values. These values are invisible, intangible that attach to products or services that make them appear and feel more important from the customer perspective.

Why do we buy more than we need

What Others Will Think

We are social animals. Before making any purchasing decision we tend to think that what others may think of our purchasing decision. We hate criticism which hurts our self-esteem and pride. If there is a chance that we would be criticized for a particular purchase decision then we would probably refrain from buying altogether.

Reasons Why We Buy Product and Service Or Why Do We Buy Things?

Each one of has certain motivation or need to make a buying decision. When we identify certain product or service which would satisfy our needs we tend o make buying decision


Money is a tool to attain freedom in life. Money gives you the flexibility and autonomy to choose among various choices. when we link any product or service to making or saving money, we tend to buy those things.

5 Reasons Why We Buy Things


The fundamental need of the being is a sense of security. We buy things to get secured as much as possible. So although money is hard and cold, the need for security is warm and personal.

According to the study, people buy products and services because of the way we expect feeling as a result of owning and using products and services. It is the sense of emotional expectations that triggers which induces us to buy. It is not the benefit or features pertaining to products and services that trigger us but the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment that people imagine that they will enjoy from the purchase.

No matter how much security we are we tend to want more and more. Whether that be financial, emotional, or spiritual security, for ourselves and our family, is such a powerful need that any appeal to greater security will arouse interest.

Being Liked

Everyone likes to be liked and accepted by our friends, family, and society at large. We want to be admired by the people around us. By achieving these goals we satisfy our deepest and strongest desire for belonging and self-worth. So if We see that certain products and services increase the probability of being liked by others then we tend to buy those things.

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Status and Prestige

Deepest of all the needs is the need to feel important and valuable both to our eyes and to the eyes of people. status and personal prestige are some of the most powerful motivations for people. We want our accomplishment and possession of such kind that people look up to and praise.

Why We Buy More Than We Need

When you buy a watch for fifty dollars then you are buying a machine that tells you the time but when you pay more than that then you are not buying a timepiece you are buying a piece of jewelry. you have bought yourself a personal decoration that tells other people that you are successful.

When people perceive that a certain product or service will increase their prestige, status, and respect, It often triggers in them buying desire. Emotions distort our ability to evaluate that when a certain product appeals to our emotion then it can trigger buying desire so intense that the price of it becomes secondary or even irrelevant.

Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to be healthy, more energetic, thin, and fit. We all want to live long prosperous and healthy lives. And we want the same benefits for our families. The next trillion-dollar industry will be health products such as vitamin/mineral supplements and physical fitness equipment.

If a particular product and service offer a better physical quality then it triggers in us emotion to buy especially in those who are overweight, overtired, and have aches and pains.

Praise and Recognition

The fundamental need of any human being is to be recognized for our accomplishments. As Abraham Lincoln said,” Everybody likes a compliment.” If one defines self-esteem it can mean the degree to which one feels praiseworthy. So if anyone praises or recognizes the individual for his accomplishment, whether large or small, one feels happier and better about himself.

So if we see that certain product or service position itself in such a way that it draws praise and recognition for ourselves then we tend to buy that product and service. If any product or service gets us any additional praise or results in an increase in our status then it weakens our price resistance considerably and induces buying desire.

Power, influence and popularity

Everybody wants to become powerful, influential, and gain immense popularity. If any product or service has the ability to get any of these things then it induces a buying desire. The psychology behind buying is buried in our emotions. Whatever be the product or service if it is able to tap human emotion then it has the ability to be sold.

what makes you want to buy something

Leading The Field

Everyone has a burning desire to be among the top or a trendsetter. We feel good when society follows our example. Some of us buy any product or service just because it is new and different in the market. Such people are called early adopters in marketing terms. They represent 5 or 10 percent of the market.

Adapting to new tools satisfies our desire to be leaders and trendsetters in our work and social group. We are liked to be considered up to date. If these people get to know that they would be the first one among their peers to have such product or services, it induces buying desire in them.

Love and Companionship

We all crave love and companionship, especially when it comes to opposite-sex we want to look attractive, desirable, and good for mating. When any product or service helps us in becoming attractive, desirable, and good for mating then such tools get sold very easily because it weakens our buying resistance.

Personal Growth And Transformation

When any product or service helps people in reaching an even greater height of personal success or self-realization or has the ability to take an individual to a higher level in his life or work and make him a different person in some way, there can be no limit to which extent such product or services can create a buying desire.

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For a major part, we can say is buying decisions are emotional. People decide emotionally and then justify logically. We use logic to justify and rationalize our decision once we have made it. We, humans, have a wide variety of emotions.

But what kind of emotions is operating at a particular point of time decide and describes how we would act at that time. Suppose a person may have a desire for improvement that any product or service offers but if the fear of loss is more than gain then the prospect may refrain from making a buying decision.

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