What is Canva Pro? An Online Graphic Design Tool

What is Canva Pro? An Online Graphic Design Tool

Graphical pictures nowadays have become the center of marketing, business, social media campaign as there is a Chinese saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. It creates a significant impact on the human being’s mind without having to open a mouth and ideas get across very easily. So to digitally produce such graphics there are various tools and software available in the market. Among such tools, there is Canva pro.

 Canva pro is an online graphic design platform used to produce documents, posters, graphic presentations, and other visual content.  For the convenience of the user, It offers free templates. It provides free as well as a paid subscription. It also offers a free trial period of 30 days. Canva’s application is available both on Ios and android.

With a paid subscription, it offers a massive library of content to create design effortlessly and will have better-organized tools and features which will help in producing great quality material for marketing with just one click. It also offers the feature of cloud storage.

For Small entities and business owners, a free subscription is sufficient because even without spending a single dime one can have a great marketing campaign with the features it offers a free subscription. From two hundred and fifty thousand plus free templates to hundred of design types,5GB of cloud storage, organizations can leverage such features for free.

Canva Pro’s Features

1.Creat a team to design together 

With this premium feature, anyone can collaborate on any device, anywhere in the world. No cumbersome registration or approval is required, one can simply invite their team members and choose their access permission and start creating an amazing design in no time.

It offers real-time experience and helps in keeping our collective ideas and creativity flowing. Team members can also post comments, tag, give feedback, share work, and resolve queries directly in canva pro.

Within the editor, team members can share brand color palettes, logos, and elements. Its folder option saves energy and time by storing reusable assets, projects, and uploads with shareable folders that can be accessed by team members.

canva pro

2.Photo straightener

Easy to rotate tool and helpful guide and rulers one can prevent good pictures go awry. This tool helps in making photo straight with features showing very precisely how many degree photos has been rotated giving nice sharp angles.

It also has a scalable stretchable ruler which helps in making crooked pictures nice and straight. Rulers can also be used to make eye-catching pictures by skewing them and giving them a cinematic touch. One can have experimented with them until they get their state of the art.

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3.Photo effect

It has scores of photo filters to choose from, From ‘Rosie filter’ for lovers and tender moment to ‘retro filter ‘ for some vintage looks it contains a large collection of filters one can choose from as per their subjects. It has a blur slider to get rid of harsh angles and flaws to make the photo dreamy and soft.

Dragging the saturation slider all the way to the left will help draining colors from the photo giving it a stunning black and white look. Adjusting the brightness snd contrast slider will help in giving the photo a film effect. One can also change a photo’s whole palette color with the use of a tint slider.

canva pro effect

4.Speech Bubble Maker

It has the feature of a speech bubble with which one can have in the photo little circles containing words or sounds that have a “tail” that points to the person speaking. It has a vast image library for “speech bubble”, to add it one just have to scroll through their bizarre and colorful bubbles and choose whatever suits.

If it already has a text inside or a blank one, one can also change that without even wondering about space as it contains the function of resizing. New colors from the color palette or hue from the color wheel can be chosen to blend the design by customizing the colors of the speech bubble.

5.Trim and Precise Composition

Canva has given its user a wide range of cropping tools which facilitate in shaping pictures to fit well the rest of the design as well as alter focus and composition to create a broad variety of different images. It also has a grid function to have your all photo arranged together. 

6.Free Icons 

It has a collection of symbols and abstraction to speak a thousand words more than a picture to use or can be combined with our own creativity to make an impressive logo, branding, and more. Icon size can be rotated and their size and color can be adjusted.

It has a huge library of icons that can be used to liven up infographics. Creating signage has become very easy with canva’s huge library of the artful icon. Business essentials like letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and more can also be made by pairing icons with skillful typography.

canva pro Free Icons


You can get the same photo that was used to be taken by an old grandma’s camera that doesn’t fully shield light from penetrating it by using its vintage slider with a variety of different moods to give your photos an antique, lived-in feel.

One can give a dramatic, spooky feel to a photo by Combining a vignette filter with a grayscale image. Any photo can be turned monochrome by adjusting the saturation slider all the way down. 


Canva has offered a plan of three variants: The Canva, Canva Pro, Enterprise. The Pro costs around US$12.95 per month for up to 5 people and the US$119.40 yearly. The enterprise plan is made to empower your team, manage your brand, and scale your content all in one place and it costs US$30 per person.

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Q.  Can we use Canva on our phone?

Ans: Yes, Canva is available for both Android and iOS.

Q. Is there a Canva free trial?

Ans: Yes, Canva offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial on their pro plan.

Q. Will my logos in the Android/iOS app be available on the web?

Ans: Yes, your logos in the web app will be available in the Android/iOS app and vice versa.

Q. How long is the trial period on the mobile?

Ans: The trial period is at 14 days. This is shorter than the 30-day free trial on the web version of the app.