FAU-G / Fearless United-Guards Reviews – Does it Beat PUBG?

FAUG / Fearless United-Guards Reviews – Does it Beat PUBG?

The highly-anticipated FAUG release date is finally here, with the sport launching to numerous mobile users across the country. FAUG, aka Fearless And United-Guards, has finally been launched in India for Android phones only at this instant, with the iOS listing nowhere in view. Going by the impressive pre-registration numbers, the mobile game is often expected to be a large hit within the country. However, if you’re expecting FAUG to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile — which was banned last year in India. The foremost important difference between the 2 is that the lack of multiplayer mode on FAUG, something that PUBG Mobile was quite popular for.


Fearless and United Guards (popularly abbreviated as FAU-G) developed by nCore Games headquartered in Bengaluru is a web multiplayer action game. The sport has recorded scores of pre-registrations in 24 hours on the Play Store in India.

The game was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar through his Twitter and Instagram accounts on 4 September 2020 and is available on Android and it is still delayed for iOS. The promoters claimed that the intention of the sport is to support the Indian Prime Minister’s AtmaNirbhar Bharat Movement. It had been set to be launched by October 2020 but later the sport publisher announced through a tweet that the launch is pushed to November 2020 and then again pushed to December 2020 and at last it was launched on 26 January 2021 on Republic Day, without providing any particular release date.


On 3 January 2021, the corporate informed on Twitter that the sport is going to be launching on 26 January 2021. Akshay Kumar and Vishal Gondal, the promoter of the sport, announced that 20% of the annual revenue generated from the game FAU-G would be donated to Bharat Ke Veer trust.

Game Modes

At launch, FAUG seems to possess just a campaign mode that starts against the backdrop of real-life events within the Galwan Valley skirmish where the Indian Army had a face-off with Chinese troops last year. This suggests it’ll be a single-player game. nCore Games has already clarified that the web multiplayer and battle royale game modes won’t be available at the launch but are going to be added later via an update. Considering that the campaign mode lasts just a couple of hours, it’ll be interesting to ascertain how the sport manages to retain the audience before other game modes are added via a future update.

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How FAUG is different from PUBG?

PUBG is a battle royale game while FAUG is an action game

FAUG isn’t a battle royale game. It’s an action game while PUBG Mobile India goes to be a battle royale game a touch like its global version. Though the company, on various occasions, has said that it isn’t a competitor to PUBG Mobile.

Will the primary Episode be supported by Galwan Valley

Though the promoter company has not made anything official, it’s being speculated that the primary episode of the sport is going to be supported Galwan Valley episode. This suggests, unlike PUBG Mobile, this one is getting to be supported by real incidents. The corporate previously revealed a glimpse of the primary episode which showed the Indian army at the Galwan Valley border.

Made in India

Despite changing the name to PUBG Mobile India, the game isn’t particularly made in India. This is often a modified version of the primary game developed by South Korea-based PUBG Corporation. This is often a made in India game, for Indian gamers and is developed by Bengaluru based nCore Games.

 FAUG to make sure Players’ data stay secure

The privacy of players’ information will never be a problem as they’re going to be stored within the country. Unlike PUBG which has been banned because of Data Security Issues, FAUG is getting to be completely hosted in India on India’s Data Servers, and each user data completely safe.

FAUG review

As PUBG still looks for ways to come back to the Indian eco-system, the game has been launched with a new entrant.

The current link of Google Play is simply for Pre-Registration. Once you register, Google Play will notify the user when the game is out there and it will be released worldwide. While most are comparing FAU-G to PUBG Mobile India, the two games are becoming to be very different from one another.

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My Point of view about FAUG

A fact that is also reflecting in its 3-star rating on the Play Store is by looking at the responses it is pretty evident that the game is garnering mixed reviews. Several suggestions were provided by Gamers for the developers to be included in the game. It is being expected to compete with PUBG but not just a comparison to begin with and hopefully, the feedback will be used to improve the gameplay experience so that it can get better responses, reviews, and ratings.