How to select only one element of a map() in React

How to select only one element of a map() in React

Making complex and smooth transition UI’s can be done by React with no sweat. So just like any other day of my developer life, I was working on a hotel booking app, in which the user has to select one card from the collection of cards in which different types of rooms are mentioned with the details and the price.

So when the user clicks on the select button on one of the cards, the price and room get selected, but then I got confused about, how I was supposed to select one element from the map function. Finally, I did research here and there, I mix up some code from here and there, and finally, I formulated the solution.

Setting up Environment

So let’s get started, first we need to install React and I would also suggest installing Reactstrap ( Its ) as well so that it can help us with making UI a little presentable.

First, we will get started to create a react app,

installing react app

Then Open  http://localhost:3000/ to see your app running. Now we will add reactstrap and bootstrap.

Adding Bootstrap

We will install reactstrap and bootstrap through NPM. Bootstrap CSS does not come with Reactstrap, so we need to install this also.

adding reactstrap

Folder Structure

folder structure of react

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Getting started with Hello world

After installing all the files, first, we clear everything in the app.js file, in return leaving only ‘<h1>Hello World</h1>’ and then in the terminal we start npm start.

react app setup

And then go to http://localhost:3000/.

hello world

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Finally now starting up to set UI

First, we add all the bootstrap files in the app.js and then we create an array with a set of objects, with value – id, text, and price in different file ‘data.js’, just to keep the code clean and export in app.js.

aaray of objects

Now we map the objects in data in the UI as card components. I will add all the Reactstrap components required in making UI.


and in return function of App, it would look something like this: –

setting app js in react

and we would also add some CSS to make UI look a little more perfect.


and finally, UI would look like this,

Card UI

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Now let’s Add Functionality

We would be using a hook ‘selectElement‘, to hold the id of the current card and also add ‘handleClick’ function to handle the ‘OnClick’ functionality, so that when the user clicks the button, then we send the current Card id to handleClick function where it sets the id in ‘selectElement’ using ‘setSelectElement’.

react hook

And inside Button, we would check that if ‘selectElement’ value equals to card Id or not, and if the value is equal to the card’s id then it would display ‘Selected ✓‘, and if not then ‘Select’.

Showing results for ternary function in js Search instead for teniry function ijn js Conditional (ternary) operator

And it’s done, finally now whenever you click on a particular card it will be highlighted.

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Final Words

You can also check the live demo with source code in a sandbox, I will leave the link at the bottom, If you like the article please share it with more of your friends, You can also contact me at my given email address, please save our website links for further visiting, I would also be publishing more articles like these, and also cover a variety of topics in different domains too.