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Top 5 Best PUBG Alternatives Available in Market

In July 2020, the news broke that the Indian government has banned 59 apps that were citing the sovereignty and integrity of Indian cyberspace and defense. After a few months on 2 September 2020, the government has banned more than 119 apps including the most popular game PUBG Mobile, which broke many fans’ hearts.

It was a huge shock not only for the massive PUBG fan community but also for Tencent as India was the largest market. After the ban, we aren’t able to play the game, and there seems no final date when Pubg will come back. Even though Pubg announced it would be soon launching its new version exclusively for the Indian Audience, And realized a small promo including some big names in the PUBG gamer community. Still, It is along the way for it to get a green signal from the government to officially launch.  So here are a few alternates of PUBG mobile, which you can play while PUBG gets released. So, without wasting any time select any one game for yourself.

Top 5 best battle royal games similar to PUBG

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile was launched last year for both Android and iOS which has given a healthy and stiff competition to PUBG Mobile. This game was published by Activision, a US-based studio so the chances are next to nothing for the game to be banned.

The best part about Call of Duty: Mobile is that it offers everything you used to love playing on PUBG. You have a 100-player battle royale mode, a 5v5 deathmatch, multiplayer modes like CoD Black Ops, and much more. Along with that, it has many customizable weapons skins, characters, and by having in-app purchases you can get them.

It takes up to 2Gb which was almost similar to PUBG mobile and runs pretty well on low-end devices.

Call of Duty Mobile


  • 100 player battle royale
  • Compatible with high-end devices and budget phone
  • Takes up to 2 GB of storage.


  • It has many bugs and glitches,
  • User may face little latency in a low budget phone.

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With Fortnite ousted from apple’s app shop and PUBG banned in India, it is time for epic to tap the Indian market. Since more than 75% of Indian smartphone users use android, Fortnite has the opportunity to grow big here. But, there is one thing that makes me put it in second place and that is its humongous download size and compatibility requirements.

Not to forget, Fortnite has also been removed from the play shop, but you do have the option to sideload the match through its own shop. the installation process is rather seamless and you tin learn how to install Fortnite on android without play shop from our guide. Coming to my main complaint, Fortnite takes around 8 GB of storage which is a big ask for budget android devices, especially in India.

Moving to the gameplay, Fortnite is a match that is very similar to PUBG mobile. You have four distinct modes: 100-player battle royale, party royale, creative, and save the world. Party royal is just like PUBG ’s cheer park; creative is where you tin creates your own island and save the world is a co-op tower defense survival match.


I would say in terms of gameplay, Fortnite is in fact better than PUBG mobile. And now that a new Fortnite season has just started, you tin ’t afford to miss this opportunity.


  • High-quality graphics
  • 100-player battle royale multiple gaming modes gameplay is excellent.


  • Needs high storage
  • Cannot run on Android below 8 version
  • User may face little latency in a low budget phone.

Garena Freefire: 3volution

If you’re not yet comfortable jumping into a high-capacity fight, free fire – battlegrounds could be the match you’d like to try out first. The controls are all on the screen and simple to navigate, but the highlight for you is that only have takeaway against 49 other users in a 10-minute window to survive until the end. That’s a quick match to hone all your skills before an intense battle.

This game is similar, drop at a remote island, loot up and have good weapons, stay in the safe zone, and be the last player/duo/squad surviving.

Garena Freefire: 3volution


  • 49 player battle royale
  • Supports in-game audio chat.
  • Decent graphics


  • Anti cheating doesn’t work well
  • Limited weapons

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Hopeless Land: Fight for survival

Hopeless land: fight for survival is almost similar play to PUBG that has got rave reviews from the mobile gaming community. It’s a potential Pubg alternative that has survival as its main theme. This game has a survival mode where you tin play against 121 players and the one who lasts till the end wins the match.

Its environment has an Asian aesthetic and you would find yourself at home. You can fly a helicopter, land in new places, and fight and survive to win the deathmatch. And the match is not just about guns and weapons, but you need sharp strategic skills like Pubg to win the round other than the graphics and number of players it is almost similar to Pubg.

Hopeless Land: Fight for survival

The best part is that it’s compatible with a range of android devices. With over 50m downloads on play shop alone, hopeless land is a fit replacement for Pubg mobile, both on Android and iOS.


  • 121 players battle royale
  • Asian aesthetics
  • Fly helicopters


  • Anti cheating doesn’t work properly

Battlelands Royale

Just by the name, it says a battle royale, this game is similar to Pubg there’s a twist. It’s not a blood-filled game with cute characters and cartoon-like gameplay.

It has a main theme 32 players battle royale where the carnage doesn’t stop.
This game has also a plus point that you don’t have to wait in lobbies to start the game just press the play button and after a small loading, you will be on a parachute, go ahead loot shoot and survive to win. It lasts not more than 3-4 minutes.

You can play in solo or duo and dominate your arena from all sides. This game is made for quick enjoyment and you need to play this game to learn about various positions.

Battlelands Royale


  • Fun and Harmless battle royale
  • Quick match
  • Supports duo or solo mode


  • Anti cheating doesn’t work properly
  • Not for hardcore gamers
  • Doesn’t have a squad mode

Final Words

We all cannot deny our closeness and sense of personal bond which we share with PUBG, we might cant have with some other games. All those chicken dinners, KD rate, Pochinki, NOVO, cant be replaced by anything, but as we know PUBG will come back soon. I have written a detailed article on why it’s taking long for PUBG to launch in India, and whats its release date. I will leave the link below, Please share my article if you liked it, and don’t forget to share and bookmark or page to get these awesome articles ?.

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Are these games better than Pubg?

These games may or may not better than PUBG as everyone has different choices, some like free fire, some may like Fortnite but Pubg gave a mobile platform a big opening and mobile players place in Esports. But these game gives the same experience as Pubg.

Can these games run on budget smartphones?

Yes, these games work properly except Fortnite it requires a high-end device which should be at least of 4 GB Ram and Qualcomm Snapdragon 620g. The other four games work properly for budget smartphones.

Do these games contain a gyroscope?

The top 2 games do work with gyroscope but the other three don’t work in gyroscope as these are less heavy games and best for low-end devices.

Are these games addictive?

This depends on the number of hours you play, if you play much then you get addicted too. If you are just playing for fun then you need to play only for an hour or two but if you want to enter eSports then 4 hours are good.

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